Thermal Shock Test Chamber Oven DHS-CJ2-80

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The Thermal Shock Test Chamber Oven is used to test the chemical structure changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time by testing the material structure or composite material in a transient environment of extremely high temperature and very low temperature. Or physical damage. Applicable objects include metals, plastics, rubber, electronics, etc., which can be used as a basis or reference for their product improvement.

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1. The two-box equipment is divided into two parts: the high-temperature zone and the low-temperature zone. The test product is placed in the basket. When the impact is raised, the test product is moved into the high-temperature zone or the low-temperature zone for weighing, and the test product is dynamic.

2. The touch control interface is easy to operation.

3. Impact mode apply the air path switching mode to introduce the temperature into the test area and do the thermal shock test.

4. When the high temperature impact or low temperature impact, the maximum time can reach 999 hours, and the maximum cycle time can reach 9999 times.

5. The system can be used for automatic cycle or manual selective shock.

6. Cooling and adopting binary refrigeration system, the cooling effect is fast, and the cooling method is water-cooled.

7. Can not test the impact normal temperature